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NightFall Zero is a post-apocalyptic universe where Humans, Robots and Hybrids (half humans, half zombies) called Zorgs fight to expand their territory.

3 NFT collections will be listed: Humans, Robots and Zorgs.

The Zorgs collection will be the first released collection with 10000 unique generative NFTs. The others will come quickly.

Those NFT will be used in an exciting game.

All of the NFTs have been drawn by hand by Zariel, a famous french illustrator, passionate by the zombie universe.

When all the Zorg, Robots and Humans are all minted, a Battle Royale game will be created.

In a post-apocalyptic world where several NFZ Heroes will fight to be the last survivor, will you overcome?

The Zorg NFTs will be minted through our website:


Yes, the game is free to play. But holding an NFT has some benefits like item airdrops. Also, by playing more, you will be awarded XP.

  • Items airdrops when new objects are created which will be used in game
  • Playing with your own NFT in the multi-player game
  • Early access to several modes to test before the final release

The game is a Play-To-Earn. The items will be free for all NFZ gamers holding an NFT or not. You can gain them by simply playing the game or by holding an NFT through the frequent airdrops. The in-game items will be NFTs exchangeable on a secondary market place.

The price of an NFT is not defined yet. But we want a fair price for everyone.

Yes, a pre-sale is planned. A lower price on the pre-sale will be applied. But be quick, just few NFTs will be sold.

The launch date has not been decided yet.