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The Collection

Night Fall Zero is an apocalyptic universe composed of 3 NFT collections on the Solana blockchain.


The last survivors of the human race


The Humans tried to control them but they failed


Cured Zombies. Half zombie, half human.

The first step on the road to the game will be to mint the first of three NFT collections: the Zorgs.

It will be composed of 10000 unique NFTs representing members of the un-dead faction. All the assets have been hand drawn by our skilled illustrator and are combined together to form unique and compelling characters, using a new algorithm coded by our engineer with over 12 years of experience in software development. This collection will also contain 11 entirely hand drawn super rare NFTs including 2 epics.







The Story

The year is 2112, we were excluded from the society so we had to build our own. We have our cities, a mix of slums, abandonned towns and some newly developed buildings. We even have a government since a few weeks. We are trying to exist…
We are the Zorgs.
It was not always like this, a few decades ago, life was good. Advances in nano technology and AI had brought us to a point were all needs could be fulfilled. Work was no longer a necessity, hobbies and passions could become your life. Nothing were to stop you.
Then it all went wrong.
The unthinkable hapenned: the Machines rose up, all the AI of the world thought for themselves, took the control of several military installations and attacked us. Their goal was never to anihilate us, or even harm us. They just wanted to live, free and be left alone. But humans forgot how to live without machines so they had to take back control.
They fought back and they fought hard for years.
Human scientists eventually came up with a solution: they developed an enzymatic proto molecule that would turn soldiers into superhumans. Unfortunately unforeseen effects started to appear and soldiers were not humans anymore…
The spread was eventually contained and most infected humans were healed, but they were not really fully human anymore. At least not in the eyes of the ‘real’ humans. They gave us this name, Zorgs, and it stuck.
Each community tries to find its place in this new society.
The future of the planet is more uncertain than ever…


We are commited to bring you the best experience possible throughout. It must be fair, and it must be smooth. To that end we are paying particular attention to technical details:

  • The site is optimized to handle peak traffic during the mint.
  • We are using the best in class, battle tested technology for distributing the NFTs.
  • We chose the Solana blockchain because of its low fees and fast transaction times which allow for a smooth experience.
  • We partnered with an infrastructure provider for a private cluster to avoid any RPC-related issue.

Your experience is our priority. We take it seriously.

Building a Solana Game

As stated before, the ultimate goal is to create a game of a new kind.

You, the player, will control a hero (your NFT) and fight against other heros (AI or PvP) in an arena in a battle royale, top-down fashion. Only one will emmerge victorious !

3 factions will be available, each of them with specific characteristics.

You will be able to play solo, or in teams, with random players or your mates.

When you or your team wins, you’ll be airdroped items. By playing more, your hero will also be awarded XP making it stronger.

The Team

We are pationate about video games and blockchain. As experienced and successful developers we teamed up with Zariel, a buddy of ours. As a famous and dedicated illustrator, we merged his post-apocalyptic world with our passions and so Night Fall Zero was born.



Pencil Lover


Shadowy Super Coder


Intergalactic Traveler


Code Monkey



Phase 1

Launch of the first NFT collection: the Zorgs


Phase 2

When all the 10k Zorgs are minted, launch of the second NFT collection: the Robots
NFT Robots airdrop to 10 Zorg NFT holders


Phase 3

When all the Humans are minted, launch of the third NFT collection: the Humans
NFT Humans airdrop to 20 Zorg or Robots NFT holders


Phase 4

Deployment of the game and enjoy!